Why are your silk scarves so expensive?


Actually, our silk scarves are priced very competitively with other 100% pure silk products. In addition, the scarves we sell are brand names in Turkey -- Armine, Aker, Pierre Cardin, and Cacharel. You will find that not only are these authentic brands very high quality, but the prices we sell them at are in line with what you can buy them for in Turkey.

Of course you can find silk scarves for cheaper, but the quality will not be the same. If you have found online "silk scarves" that are much cheaper than ours, you should be wary of buying from that company. Pure silk is expensive and rare, so if someone is selling them brand new for cheap, than they are probably not pure silk. Some online stores will list products as "silk" when they are a faux silk (polyester). When you touch pure silk in person, you will be able to understand if it is silk or not, especially when you compare it to something that is fake, or polyester. Silk is a much higher quality, stronger, with a better feel, and is also breathable since it is a natural fiber.


We do not attempt to confuse our customers. When our products say "silk," it means they are 100% pure silk; guaranteed.


For more about our silk scarves, you can visit out About Silk page.