Silk Hijab Scarves

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    3 products

    The Best Silk Hijabs
    Silk is one of the best fibers you can wear, and for many reasons! Quality silk is breathable, durable, and strong. It is a great fabric all year round, thus making it a perfect hijab. Your silk hijab will keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. 
    Our silk square hijabs are all 100% pure silk, and all made in Turkey by the top silk scarf brands in the industry. We only work with the best brands to ensure the quality of your silk hijab. Turkish silk scarves come in either silk satin or silk twill, and each carries different benefits . . . silk satin is smooth, shiny, and slippery, and is perfect as an occasion hijab for dressing up. It also drapes beautifully! Silk twill is a matte-finish, more structured weave that isn’t as slippery, making it perfect for every-day hijab use. Some hijabis prefer silk twill hijabs because they don't slip around as much; others prefer the silk satin due to the look of elegance it creates.
    Our Silk Hijab brands:
    ARMINE — In Turkey, Armine is a high end hijab brand that has been around for many years. These silk hijab scarves feature classic and timeless patterns. We think of Armine hijabs as prim, proper, and polished.
    AKER — Aker brand hijabs are a bit more modern. These silk hijabs have been engineered to be the best hijabs: they are stain resistant and water resistant, and are embedded with a unique lavender scent that activates with use. Aker hijab patterns tend to be more abstract, stylish, and unique.
    With a huge selection of silk hijabs, from vibrant florals, to abstract patterns, to classic simple and solid hijabs, you are sure to find the hijab you need for any use.