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    Hajj & Umrah Shopping
    One of the 5 Pillars of Islam, every Muslim in the world who is physically able to do so must complete Hajj at least once in their life. Many Muslims choose to also complete a minor Hajj, or Umrah during the offseason. Some Muslims even consider the Umrah trip as a sort of practice for Hajj.
    The trip for Hajj or Umrah requires many preparations to be made, which will include buying necessary supplies for the pilgrimage. One of the most necessary items for Hajj is the ihram. For Muslim men, the hajj ihram is essentially a set of two white towels that are unsewn or unhemmed. For Muslim women, the dress is not as strict, but many women prefer to wear white dresses, abayas, or loose tunic and pant sets. The ihram clothing is meant to symbolize a state of purity during a specific part of Hajj, and also unites Muslims and puts all pilgrims on the same level since all will look similarly clothed.
    Other items you might consider for your Hajj or Umrah trip include:
    ~Lightweight and breathable clothing since it is often hot
    ~Comfortable walking shoes or sandals
    ~Thin travel prayer mats
    ~Hajj belt or travel belt
    ~Small Quran
    ~Tesbih Prayer Beads
    ~Alcohol-free and unscented hygiene products
    ~Other personal items compatible for Hajj! 
    Don't forget gifts for your loved ones! Since shopping while on Hajj isn't always practical, you can save yourself time and energy by getting gifts from Modefa once you return. If you're not the one going on Hajj, but have family or friends going, getting them a gift like the Kaba Replica after they come back is a nice gesture and keepsake for their trip!