Chiffon Square Hijabs

    23 products

    23 products

    Chiffon Square Turkish Hijabs
    Modefa is your best source for classic Turkish hijabs! We have a large variety of square Turkish hijabs, including the chiffon hijabs seen in this collection. 
    We currently offer two types of chiffon square hijabs: Medine Chiffon and Angel Chiffon. Medine chiffon are solid, large square hijabs. They are made of a polyester chiffon material known as "medine ipek," which means Medine silk. It is thus called since it is soft and smooth like silk. Many Turkish women are very familiar with Medine silk. The Medine Chiffon Square Hijabs make a great hijab year-round.
    Our other type of square Turkish hijabs are the Aker Angel Chiffon hijabs. These are a very soft, smooth, and slippery chiffon that is also light as a feather. It is perfect as a summer hijab, and comes in fun patterns.