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    229 products

    Shop the Best Islamic Prayer Rugs in the USA
    “Verily, Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty” - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)*
    While there are many ways Muslims can enhance their prayer, one small thing you can do is to create a beautiful prayer space, which of course includes your prayer rug. Modefa focuses on providing customers with a variety of beautiful Turkish, Islamic prayer rugs. Choose from plush velvet prayer rugs, thin woven prayer mats, child prayer rugs, multi-person masjid carpets, or luxurious gift sejadah for your Muslim friends and family members. 
    For Prayer rugs, our primary bestselling items by far are the luxurious plush velvet Islamic prayer rugs. Our thickest and highest quality rugs (without foam) are the Double Plush and Lux Plush Regal prayer rugs. These rugs are both the same thickness, but the Double Plush is slightly longer an wider. If you need something with even more padding, try one of our orthopedic or foam prayer rugs. These work great for Muslims who are elderly or have a bad back or knees, and might find it unbearable to pray on a hard surface.
    To make sure we have a good selection, we always keep a variety of Islamic Prayer Rugs in various styles, thicknesses, patterns, and colors. Some Muslims may prefer to pray on a completely solid velvet janamaz — Modefa has those too! Or if you prefer your prayer mat to have a delicate and intricate design, you can certainly find a prayer mat suitable for your salat.
    Whether you call it a Janamaz, Salat Mat, Sejadah, Namazlik, or something else, the purpose is all the same: to fulfill one of the pillars of Islam in showing your devotion and obedience to Allah your creator. We are happy to be able to help you fulfill this tenet of the Islamic faith.
    *As reported by Jabir (al-Mu’jam al-Awsat 6902)