Prayer Rugs & Mats Under $25

    48 products

    48 products

    Affordable Islamic Janamaz Prayer Mats
    This collection is for our Muslim customers who need a beautiful janamaz but also need it to be affordable. These prayer rugs are mostly comprised of our thinner velvet prayer rugs and our thin woven janamaz sejadah. 
    Most of the prayer mats are the woven style, many featuring soft chenille and textured embroidery designs. When most people think of Turkish prayer mats, they probably think of prayer mats like these — woven, with beautiful and intricate embroidery designs. You can't get intricate designs like this on velvet prayer rugs, but they can be easily woven into thin salat mats. These janamaz are great to use at home on carpeted floors, or are also perfect for traveling since they can be folded to a small size. Since they are so thin, most people do not like to use them for prayer on hard floors. 
    Also in this collection are simple, thin velvet prayer rugs. Some Muslims may prefer to pray on carpets with simple designs so as not to be distracted. Fortunately, Modefa has a variety of solid and simple designs Islamic prayer rugs just for this purpose. We also try to stock a variety of colors to suit the tastes of different Muslim men and women. 
    Inshallah, you will be able to find a quality yet affordable prayer mat from Modefa.