Islamic Prayer Rugs - Velvet & Plush

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    150 products

    Luxurious Plush & Velvet Islamic Prayer Rugs
    We are proud to say that Modefa prayer rugs are among the best you can find in the United States! We work with the top Islamic prayer rug factories in Turkey to produce high quality, beautiful plush velvet rugs for Muslims in the U.S. and around the world.
    If you've bought prayer rugs from other stores, you will likely notice a big difference in the quality and value of the velvet prayer rugs from Modefa. The quality of the velvet and the workmanship in our sejadah are unlike other prayer rugs, especially those made in China.

    Here is a summary of the main types of velvet Islamic prayer rugs you will find here:
    Double Plush - Our Double Plush Velvet prayer rugs and thick, plush velvet with high density of fibers. This makes them more likely to last longer, which is important in an item meant for use 5 times a day! These prayer rugs are our largest single person prayer carpets, at 80 x 120cm.
    Lux Plush Regal - These prayer rugs are the same high quality of the Double Plush rugs, but they are slightly smaller at 70 x 110cm
    Ipek - Many Muslims like our Ipek prayer rugs because they are a perfect combination of plush and affordability. These prayer rugs are not as dense as the two plush rugs above, but they are soft and a little fluffy.
    Sina - These velvet Islamic prayer rugs have a beautiful maze like texture and come in simple, solid designs with colorful borders. The quality and density is between the ipek and lux plush regal prayer rugs.
    Luxury Velvet - These rugs are our must luxurious velvet, but not as thick as some of the other prayer rugs. But what they lack in thickness they make up for in beauty; many customers comment that these sejadah are more beautiful in person and that the pictures don't do them justice.