Islamic Decor

    636 products

    636 products


    Finding Islamic gifts or decorations for your home in the United States can be challenging. Modefa makes it easy by bringing you the best quality Muslim decor pieces, all made in Turkey.
    Our Islamic store has a variety of gifts and showpieces to suit your needs and bring beauty and the spirit of Islam to your home. These reminders of Allah can help bring peace, harmony, and the Islamic culture to your environment. Try one of our popular categories for Islamic decor: 
                *Islamic Canvas Art - cotton canvases printed with Islamic themes, duas, and Quranic verses; you can also find scenes of the Kaba in Mecca
                *Islamic Wall Art - we carry both large and small Islamic framed wall art pieces, as well as plaques and plates. Beautiful, well crafted pieces that often include intricate detailing and accents such as rhinestones.
                *Islamic Clocks - a beautiful clock is often the centerpiece of the living room. Choose one of our clocks, most with Allah at the center, which works perfect as a frequent reminder of our Creator
                *Islamic Table Decor - a variety of elegant sculptures, showpieces, and bookends with themes perfect for the Muslim household, including Ayatul Kursi, Abuandance Dua, Tawhid, 99 Names of Allah and more
                *Islamic Decor Sets - these pieces are Islamic sculptures and showpieces that are presented as a set, and primarily features pairs such as Allah & Muhammad. They make perfects gifts for Muslim friends and relatives!
                *Islamic Ceramic Art - Handpainted plates, beautifully decorated with Islamic themes in the traditional Turkish style, and making a perfect gift for Muslims for occasions such as Eid, Ramadan, and Muslim weddings.
                *Islamic Metalwork Art - Modern and unique thin sheet metal wall art pieces shaped into Muslim and Turkish designs. We have several different designs for "Allah" alone!
    With such a wide selection of Islamic Gifts, Modefa is sure to have something for every budget and taste!