Luxury Prayer Rugs & Gift Sets

    74 products

    74 products

    Luxury Islamic Prayer Rugs & Gift Sets
    Prayer rugs make a great gift for any occasion! You know that your Muslim family members and friends will always be happy with a useful gift such as a new prayer rug. While any sejadah can work for this purpose, this collection contains a variety of luxurious prayer rugs that are specifically meant to be given as gifts. 
    Whether its for Ramadan, Eid, Hajj celebration, Shahadah, an Islamic wedding, or even simply a birthday gift, you are sure to find the perfect luxury sejadah for any occasion.
    Many of the Islamic prayer rugs featured here come in gift boxes or sets with tesbih, making them ready to gift. If the recipient doesn't live near you, we can even mail it to them with a gift note from you!
    This collection also contains a few gift sets that are perfect all-in-one sets:
    Our Luxury Velvet islamic Prayer Rug Gift Set contains 7 items and is a perfect gift for Muslim women for Hajj, Umrah, or Ramadan. It even includes a hijab! It can also be given as a starter kit for new Muslimahs who recently converted to Islam. 
    Our Luxury Islamic Quran & Prayer Rug Gift Set contains 6 items, and we have one set for men, and one for women. Another perfect gift package, especially for Ramadan or for new Muslims!