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    Modest Clothing for Muslim Women
    As a Muslim woman, one of the biggest challenges is in finding clothing that is at the same time modest, good quality, and fashionable. Modefa aims to bring you the best in Modest Fashion, straight from Turkey! 
    Istanbul has long been in the forefront of trendy, fashionable modest styles for Muslim women. The brands and designers in Turkey seem to better understand the needs of the Islamic fashion industry, and particular Islamic women’s clothing. 
    Modefa as hand-picked the best styles for the American Muslim aesthetic, focusing on quality, fashion, and affordability. We bring Muslim women in the United States modest clothing they can be proud and comfortable to wear. Whether it’s a simple abaya, a cute modest tunic, or an elegant Islamic evening gown, Modefa has you covered.
    We currently offer the following for Modest Muslim women's fashion:
    Modest Tunics: These tunics were made with the Muslim woman in mind. Most will feature high necks, long sleeves, and long lengths.
    Abayas: Our Islamic dresses span the range of uses and prices. We offer simple Islamic prayer dresses that are perfect for the home, mosque or hajj and umrah. Or try one of our casual floral dresses for everyday use. Prefer to dress more traditionally? We have more classic abayas which are known in Turkish as "ferace." We even have a variety of formal, modest evening dresses.
    Modest Outwear: Our outerwear line features modest jackets and ponchos that are perfectly suited for Muslim women; they make great modest covers that can be thrown on as you head out on errands.
    Undershirts: Don't forget the basics! Our modest undershirts and long sleeve and have crew and long necks so you can make sure you are properly covered per Islamic guidelines.