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Islamic Table Decor Arabic 3 Piece Set Allah, Muhammad & 99 Names Egg 1695


A beautiful 3 Piece set of 'Mother of Pearl' colored sculptures: 2 shaped in the Arabic calligraphy for 'Allah' and 'Muhammad,' and one is an Egg inscribed with the 99 Names of Allah

All are accented with rhinestones.

Perfect to use as Muslim home decor on mantle or bookshelf. Also great as a gift for Eid, Shahadah, wedding, etc.

Dimensions of 'Allah' and 'Muhammad' Pieces: 11 x 22cm (4.3 x 8.6 in)

Dimensions of Egg: 8 x 19cm

Made in Turkey

Please note: This is not genuine Mother of Pearl, as that would be very expensive (it is only colored)

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