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Oval Framed Wall Art 'Lale Gul' Rose & Tulip 1433

$39.98 $49.98

Beautiful, symbolic Islamic Wall Art.

In Turkey, as inherited from the times of the Ottoman Empire, the 'Lale Gul' theme is very popular. Here, the Lale (Tulip) represents Allah while the Gul (Roses) represents Prophet Muhammad. These artwork design features the Arabic calligraphy for Allah and Muhammad worked into the design. Gold dimensional design on a black background, set into a gold frame.

Great gift for Muslim families, such as for Eid, Shahadah, weddings, and other special ocassions.

Material: Molded resin (dense plastic)

Size: 32 x 37cm (12.5 x 14.5in)

Made in Turkey

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