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Gift Wrapping - click image for details


Gift Wrapping

Add simple gift wrapping to your purchase! Item will be wrapped in gift paper. Some items might also be placed in gift box in addition to being wrapped.

Exact color and style of wrapping will vary; in most cases it will be simple and generic unless it is clear it is for a specific occasion. For example, if you describe the occasional as birthday, we will use birthday wrapping paper if it is available.

If you are buying multiple items, when you select gift wrapping from your shopping cart, your gift wrap quantity will equal the amount of products you are buying (1 gift wrap option for each item). If you don't want every item gift wrapped, you can select fewer gift wrapping quantity and let us know the details in the comments. 

If you are buying multiple items and all will be gift wrapped, we will wrap items together when possible. For example, if you bought 2 hijabs and 1 decor item, the 2 hijabs will be wrapped together. If you are buying multiple items intended for different people and want each one wrapped individually and labeled as to recipient, please let us know in the order comments.


PLEASE NOTE: Gift wrapping is not available on our largest decor pieces (frames)

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