Wholesale Information




Please note that we are resellers, not manufacturers. The products we primarily offer for wholesale include:


·        Armine Silk Hijabs -- current season only


·        Aker Silk Hijabs -- current season only


·        Neva Style Lace Shawls -- current season only


·        Plush prayer rugs


·        Altinoluk prayer rugs




For wholesale inquiries and pricing information please contact us at  wholesale@mymodefa.com. In your email, please tell us which products you are interested in, and the quantities. We will generally need this information before we can proceed.


Wholesale prices are generally given for orders of 50+ products, but we may be able to negotiate a different price for lower quantities.  Further discounts may be given for quantities 100+.


If you are interested in products not listed above, please be aware that we may not be able to offer them for wholesale, or at least not the exact item you see on our site. For example, items such as the Turkish house socks, ebru paintings, and ebru silk ties are handmade and therefore each one is unique. If you are interested in such items, we may be able to provide a similar, mixed lot, or special request order. Such orders will also generally take a longer time to process. Let us know if you are interested and we can see what we can do to work with you.