Square Hijab Size Guide

We get a lot of questions from customers about the size of our square hijabs, so we hope this page will lead to a better understanding.


What size are your square hijabs?

Our square hijabs come in a variety of sizes but most of them are 90 x 90cm (about 36 x 36in). This is a standard size for Turkish hijabs, but some people may be used to larger scarves and so consider these as small. Unless otherwise noted, all of the Armine, Aker, Pierre Cardin, and Aker Sport square hijabs are 90 x 90cm. We do have some styles that are larger, with the largest currently being 106 x 106cm.


Aren't the 90 x 90 square hijabs too small?

Though some may not be used to this size hijab scarf, its popularity in Turkey is confirmation that it is not too small. There are many ways you can wear this size scarf, some of which will provide ample coverage in the front. We try to style our product pictures in ways to help give suggestions for how to wear these scarves. You can also refer to our How to Tie a Square Hijab video tutorials and the guide below for more help.


Can you make these scarves larger?

We do not actually manufacture any of these scarves, and therefore do not have the ability to make them larger. Some of these brands occasionally have limited options for larger size hijabs, which we plan to stock in the future when possible.


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