Notice Regarding Covid19

The world is dealing with an unprecedented situation as we battle this virus; it has caused big changes to the way everyone lives, works and does business. As might be expected, we have also had to adjust how we work and have seen this affect our business operations in general. Here are the ways in which it is affecting us and how we are handling our response.



While our warehouse continues to operate and ship orders during the Covid19 Pandemic, we want our customers to be aware of some things when placing orders from us. 

- We continue to ship orders daily, Monday through Friday. Most orders will ship within 1 business day unless there are issues with the order.

- We are seeing some delays and extended shipping timeframes for some packages, both within the USA and abroad. Therefore, please be aware that the shipping estimates are estimates only, which are based on standard delivery timeframes under normal conditions; your package might take longer than that, which is not within our control. 

- We cannot guarantee delivery dates for ANY orders, including but not limited to Express, 2 Day, Overnight, or DHL Express. We will not refund shipping charges due to carrier shipping delays.

- Some shipping services have been suspended to certain countries, and the list of which countries are affected changes daily. If we find out that we cannot ship to your country using the chosen shipping method, we will notify you with alternate options. In some cases, a shipment might be returned to us if a shipping service has been suspended. In that case, your order would be refunded once we receive it back from the carrier. USPS FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES ARE SEVERELY DELAYED AT THIS MOMENT. Instead of taking 2-4 weeks, packages are often taking 2 months or more to reach their destination. We recommend choosing a different shipping option if one is available.

- Shipping carriers are offering limited email/phone support during the pandemic, and we are seeing delays in responses for our requests for support with package issues. We ask that you be patient with any possible delays or issues with your order, and understand that we will do all within our power to assist you.



Another way our business has been affected that isn't that obvious for many customers is with our ability to restock our products. 

You may have noticed that we have a LOT of sold out products on our website right now, especially prayer rugs. Alhamdulilah, we had a huge volume of sales during Ramadan, more than we had expected or planned for. We were able to receive a large container in early April that kept us well stocked for April and most of May, but by the end of May we began running out of some products. 

We had been planning to received another shipment in May, but were not able to since everything pretty much came to a halt worldwide. Our factories we partner with in Turkey were all forced to close. Air cargo prices have skyrocketed, meaning our only viable shipping option is sea freight (which we usually use anyway, but sometimes we send high priority items via air cargo/ plane cargo freight to receive them sooner). The factories in Turkey have finally opened again in early June, and production has begun, but that can take some time on some products. Then they have to be shipped via sea freight which will take 30-60 days.

We are trying to get restocks in as quickly as possible. We have our first container of restocked prayer rugs and decor scheduled to arrive in late July. Then another one after that will probably come at the end of August inshallah. For prayer rugs that are sold out and expected to be restocked, we have moved them to the end of collections. We recommend that if you are interested, you sign up for restock alerts to you can be informed as soon as they are available. You can also join our newsletter to hear about new arrivals and restocks, as well as sales and promotions.

AKER SPRING/SUMMER 2020 COLLECTION - Unfortunately the Aker Spring collection launch has been delayed because of our inability to order or receive products due to the closures in Turkey. We expect to receive the SPRING 2020 silk hijab collection as well as SUMMER 2020 Silk Cotton collection at the end of June, inshallah.



We have now re-opened our showroom to the public. We are taking precautions to more frequently clean and sanitize our store, especially high touch point areas like the door and checkout area. In order to keep our customers and staff safe, we are asking customers to please follow new policies for in store shopping:

  • Please wear a mask
  • Keep a distance as much as possible
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently
  • Come in groups of 3 or less
  • Please avoid bringing children under 12
  • Plan to pay via card instead of cash

We really encourage everyone to follow the above policies; new cases of Covid, as well as hospitalization levels continue to rise, indicating that the virus is still widespread in the Dallas area. According to health officails, we now know that people who have no symptoms can still have the virus and spread it. We do not want to have to close our showroom again, but if the situation worsens and we feel unsafe and that too many customers are not following policies, we might have to consider that. 

Instead of shopping in store, please consider shopping online, then arranging for in-store pickup. Once your order is ready, you can come pick it up from our store -- you can either wait in your car and we will bring your order to you, or you can come inside to get it. Just choose the Free Local Pickup option at checkout. 

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at