Men's Islamic Thobe Size Guide


A thobe is a garment Muslim men often wear to a variety of ocassions, both formal and casual. While some men prefer to regularly wear a thobe, others prefer to only wear one on special occasions such as Eid.

It is important to make sure the thobe fits well. Please take note of the recommendations here to make sure you choose a thobe that is the right size.


Thobe sizing is generally based on several factors. While we carry thobes of different brands that follow slightly different sizing methods, the basics are still the same. Thobe size is primarily composed of height and upper body size (width).



The first number in thobe sizes is the length of the thobe. Please do not confused this with the full height of the man. The thobe length will be less than the full height, as it is measured from the shoulder/collar down to hem. The thobes we carry are all full length thobes, meaning they are meant to reach about the ankles. Some men may prefer them to be slightly shorter or longer; exact length is a personal preference.


The second part of the thobe size is the upper body width, which can be denoted by either a standard size label such as Small, Medium, Large, etc; or by a number such as 22. When using standard size labels, this should be equivalent to the US shirt size. If you are not sure of your shirt size, check the photos in the thobe listing page for a size chart with measurements.

If the thobe uses a number for the width, this is referring to the chest width, which will be the inches of the front width of the chest.

Inshallah, this guide will help you choose the right size. We do recommend going a little above your measurements to make sure the thobe doesn't fit too snugly. Its better for it to be loose rather than too tight. If you have any questions still, feel free to reach out to us at