How do you place an order?

We have attempted to make our shopping experience simple and easy for our customers to follow. However, if you are having trouble you can follow these steps:


Add Item(s) to your shopping cart:

When you see an item you are interested in purchasing from us, click the "Add to Cart" button on the product page. You can then continue browsing our site to add more products to your cart, or click "View Cart."



Once you are ready to checkout, click the "My Cart" link at the top right corner of the page. Here, you have several options (See image below for option descriptions)

1 - Change the quantity you wish to purchase

2 - Update your order if you made any changes

3- Leave any notes or instructions for your order

4 - Get an estimate for the shipping cost of your order (enter Country, State/Province, and Zip/ Postal Code, the click "Calculate Shipping"

5 - When you are satisfied with your order, click "Checkout" to proceed to pay for your order



 In the first page of checkout, you will enter your email and shipping address. You will always see the order summary on this page (on desktops to the right, on mobile devices it may appear at the bottom). The page will look as follows (see numbers below for item descriptions):

1 - If you already have an account with us, you can log in which will prefill your information

2 - Enter the address you wish to have your items shipped to. Note that some fields are marked 'Optional'-- you do not have to enter anything in those boxes. Providing your phone number will help us to contact you if there is an issue with your order.

3 - You can check the box so that we can save your info so you can checkout quicker next time

4 - If you have a discount/ promo code, enter it here (check our Current Promotions page to see if we have any current promotions running). Your total will be adjusted when you apply a promo code.

5 - Don't worry if you don't see any shipping info or tax info yet here -- you will be able to choose shipping method and see tax for your location after you enter your address (only Texas state residents will be charged tax of 8.25% per state law).

Click the "Continue" button at the button of the page when you are ready to proceed.


This is the second page of checkout:


 1 - Here you will see a summary of the information you just entered

 2 -  Next you can choose a shipping method. Domestic orders should have 5 shipping options. Cost of shipping depends on weight of what you are ordering. Choosing a shipping method will adjust your order total.


At the bottom of the second page of checkout, you will enter Billing & Payment information (see descriptions below):

 1 - If paying by credit card, enter your card information.

 2 - If paying by PayPal, choose this option and then sign in to PayPal when prompted. PLEASE NOTE: INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS WILL NEED TO USE PAYPAL (unless financial institution is located either in the U.S., Canada, or U.K.).

 3 - Enter billing address. This is the address that your bank has on file (it will appear on your bank / card statements). This address must match exactly or your card will be declined. If your billing address is the same as shipping address, you can choose that option. Otherwise, choose to enter a new address. If you are sending the item as a gift to someone, then your shipping address will be different than your billing address.

 4 -  Your Order Summary will now reflect the total amount due, including products, discount (if any), shipping, and applicable taxes.

 5 - If everything looks correct, click the "Place my order" button. This will complete your transaction and charge your account.



Occasionally there might be an issue that causes a problem in processing. This usually means that some kind of information was entered incorrectly and needs to be fixed. Below are the possible errors and solutions. PLEASE NOTE: If you card is declined for any reason, your bank may show a pending charge for every attempt made. So, for example if you make three attempts to place the order, and only the last attempt is successful, you might see three pending orders in your account. Don't worry, however -- we will only charge your account once. The pending charges are held by your bank (not us), and usually disappear after a few days.

A) CARD DECLINED -  This error will pop up if your card has been declined by your financial institution. Possible reasons are an incorrect billing address, or insufficient funds in your account. Check to make sure your billing address matches the address on file with your bank and that you have enough funds in your account. If you can not figure out why it was declined, please contact us and we might be able to offer insight (the bank will usually send us a reason code as to why it was declined). You also might want to make sure the credit card number you entered is correct.


B) INVALID CARD NUMBER -  As it sounds, this means the number you entered is not a valid credit / debit card number -- usually you did not enter the correct amount of numbers (usually 16 digits). Check the numbers and correct any mistakes.


C) INVALID CARD EXPIRATION DATE - This means that the expiration date you entered for the card is not correct. Fix the error and attempt to process again.

D) INVALID CVV - This is the Card Verification Value, also known as the CSC (card security code). These are usually on the back of your card and are 3 digits. On American Express cards it is a 4-digit number on the front of the card. Correct the error and try again.



If your order is processed successfully, you will see the success page below, and you will also receive an automated email confirming your order. Check your spam if you do not see the confirmation email; PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU DO NOT GET THE EMAIL. You may have entered your email incorrectly, or it may mean your order was not successfully processed.