Can my order be sent as a gift?


Our customers frequently place orders with the intention of the items being a gift for a friend or family. If you want to place an order and have it shipped to a friend or family member, all you need to do is specify their name and address in the "shipping" information. You will provide your information in the "billing" information section.

When you first arrive at our checkout page, you will only see one option for address -- the billing address. To enter a separate billing address and shipping address, you will need to uncheck the box at the bottom of the page "ship items to the above billing address," as shown in the image below. Once you do that, you will be able to enter a different shipping address. Please note that the billing address must be the same address on file with the financial institution that issued your credit/ debit card.



Gift Wrapping & Gift Messages / Receipts

Although we do not currently offer formal gift wrapping, some of our products such as current season Armine, Aker, and Pierre cardin silk hijabs might include a brand box when such boxes are available.

We are happy to include a gift message for your gift purchases. Gift messages will be noted on the receipt. Please request your gift message in the comments section during checkout, or you can email us after your order at We can also include a gift receipt, which will not show the prices of the products purchased.



We frequently get orders of prayer rugs for shipment to inmates in correctional facilities. While this is no problem for us, please make sure you follow procedures of the institution where the inmate resides. Many facilities have strict guidelines on accepting packages for inmates. Some only allow purchases from a list of select vendors. Most facilities require prior authorization. About 20% of the items that we send to inmates get returned to us because the buyer did not follow proper procedures. Some facilities also consider certain items as contraband, though prayer rugs should be allowed on the basis of religious freedom.

If an order is returned to us, the buyer will be notified and will be refunded. Please note that shipping charges on non-refundable.

Please contact us at if you have any specific questions.