Crinkle Medine Satin Hijab Shawls

    18 products

    18 products

    Satin Hijab Shawls / Medine Satin 'Ipek' Hijab Shawls
    An assortment of Turkish hijabs with a satin finish. Satin hijab shawls are great to use everyday or to dress up for special occasions.
    What is satin? When we use the word "satin," we are referring to a material with a smooth, glossy surface. Some people might call this silk, because silk is traditional woven into a satin finish. However, in order to avoid confusion and since we do not want to deceive anyone, we only use the word "silk" when referring to pure silk fabric. Our satin hijabs can be made of a variety of materials, but most commonly polyester or a polyester viscose blend.