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    71 products

    Modern Islamic Artwork
    At Modefa, we strive to find the perfect unit Islamic decor and art for the modern Muslim home. This collection features Islamic artwork such as canvases, Islamic Metalwork Art, and Turkish ceramics. 
    Islamic canvas prints are an affordable way to decorate your Muslim home, helping to bring you closer to Allah. Our prints are all made in Turkey, and are reprints of Islamic art designs. Many feature Arabic script such as Allah, Muhammad, Mashallah, 99 Names of Allah or Islamic phrases, duas, and Quranic verses. 
    Our metalwork art is certainly a unique and modern way to decorate the Muslim home! These simple metal sheets have been designed in Islamic themes such as Allah, Whirling Dervish, Crescent Moon, or Al Rahim. We also have a variety of geometric patterns resembling shapes found in traditional Islamic art, and especially Turkish and Ottoman art of Muslims. 
    Finally, our newest artwork is our Handpainted Ceramic plates. These have been commissioned by Modefa, and made by an artisan in Turkey. The beautiful plates are painted in the traditional Turkish and Islamic methods, contained traditional designs with Islamic themes such as Allah, Muhammad, Ayatul Kursi, Tawhid, and Al Ikhlas.