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Welcome to Summer! 

The summer heat often makes wearing hijab a little more difficult. To keep you cool, we've put together a collection of our best Hijabs to beat the summer heat!

We have several types of hijabs that we recommend for use in the summer; here they are, in order of rating . . . our picks for Summer Hijabs:

#1 - Our top summer hijab is the Aker Yaz Serinligi Silk Cotton hijabs! These are 30% Silk and 70% Cotton, and also made the CoolEx Technology to keep you cool. 

#2 - Our Aker Angel Chiffon Hijabs are so made of high quality polyester chiffon, and are so light that you'll hardly notice you're wearing it! They also come in beautiful and vibrant colors and are perfect for when you need to look your best while keeping cool.

#3 - Aker Ince Shawls - In Turkish, "Ince" means thin, and these hijabs definitely live up to that name! These may be polyester, but they are so lightweight and feel like cotton, so you'll hardly notice. The very affordable price of just $9.98 makes these a great pick for those on a budget.


#4 - Yazma Hijabs are another affordable option for the summer, at just $7.98 each. These square hijabs are thin and are made of a polyester/cotton blend fabric. They're typically worn within the home in Turkish culture, but it's also a great option  to wear these comfy and lightweight scarves while out and about.

You can see all of our Summer Hijab picks together in one collection here:


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