Ready for Ramadan: Your Prayer Space

Ramadan is a time to focus on your deen and increasing your iman. During this month we spend extra time remembering Allah through prayer, dhikr, and reading the Quran. It is important to have a space in your home set aside for this, to help keep you focused and in the right mindset. 

Modefa has many items to help you upgrade your prayer space! From finding the perfect prayer rug, to wall  decor, rahle Quran reading stands and more, you can definitely find what you need.


Modefa has a huge variety sajada! Choos from thick or thin, basic or luxury, single person or family prayer rugs. We also have larger prayer rugs perfect for larger Iftar gatherings that can fit 12 people or more! SHOP PRAYER RUGS


Having a stand (rahle) for your Quran reading sessions can help make it more comfortable. We have multiple options to choose from, including stands that can be used on the floor or a table top. SHOP QURAN STANDS


Don't forget to make Dhikr! Prayer beads can assist in counting counting out the names of Allah or making other types of remembrance. We have basic options as well as luxury, such as Agate tesbih beads. SHOP TESBIH


Create an inviting atmosphere in your prayer space with beautiful Islamic wall art. Modefa carries an assortment of such peices, including small accent pieces as well as larger ones. Our Islamic Metal Wall Art pieces are especially popular during Ramadan! SHOP WALL DECOR | SHOP METAL WALL ART


Ramadan Prayer Rug

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