Ready for Ramadan: Preparing Your Mind & Soul

Today we are starting a new, 5-part series all about getting your and your family ready for Ramadan, plus the products we have to help you do that!

First up: getting ready mentally and spiritually. We all know how important it is to be mentally prepared for Ramadan. Although filled with blessings, it can be a physically and mentally challenging time. Making sure your head and heart are in the right place is just as important as preparing your home, and will help you to reap more benefits from this holy month.

At Modefa, we carry a variety of journals from The Dua Journal. There are different styles of journals for various needs, from simple journals to help you write our your thoughts and prayers/ duas, to Quran journaling, and even specifically for Ramadan!

For those looking for a planner to help them get ready before stay track throughout, we recommend The Dua Journal's "Better than a Thousand Months: Ramadan Journal & Planner."

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