Product Feature: Sina Prayer Rugs

Today we're sharing about our Sina Prayer Rugs and why we love them!

If you haven't heard about our Sina Islamic Prayer Rugs, you are definitely missing out. These sajadah rugs are one of our favorite prayer rugs we currently offer, and considering our huge selection, that's saying a lot!

So why do we love these Sina Prayer Rugs?

Simple yet elegant design

Many Muslims find themselves distracted during prayer, and sometimes even our prayer rug can be the cause of that distraction! Our Sina prayer rugs have a simple, solid design which minimizes the chance for distraction from your sajadah.

Unique Textures

While many of our prayer rugs have some texture to them, these janamaz take it up a notch with a beautiful swirling texture you can feel.

Plush Comfort

This prayer rug is among one of our thickest, plushest rugs. It is so comfortable to pray on, providing a velvety cushion (but no foam). On a scale of 1 to 10, we would rate the thickness of this sajadah as an 8.

High Quality

Here at Modefa, we pride ourselves as being the top brand for Islamic prayer rugs in the USA! Quality prayer rugs like this are just one of those reasons that makes us the best choice.

Great Color Choices!

This prayer rug comes in so many color choices, you are sure to find one (or two!) that are your favorite. The only difficulty will be in choosing which one!

Our Sina prayer rugs are a standard adult size prayer rug, at 70 x 110cm. Like all of our prayer rugs, they are made in Turkey. 

You can shop our Sina Prayer Rugs here.


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