New Chiffon Hijabs in Stock

Introducing 4 new lines of hijabs . . . . and they're all CHIFFON!

Each hijab style is unique in its own way with its own benefits:

WINTER WEIGHT CHIFFON HIJAB- A basic chiffon, with heavier weight that's perfect for the winter! 

LACE TRIM CHIFFON HIJAB- Beautifully trimmed with lace on one side to add an elegant touch, especially great for formal occasions.

RHINESTONE TRIMMED CHIFFON HIJAB - A single line of rhinestones trims one side of this hijab. Dress it up or down!

TEXTURED MICRO CHIFFON HIJAB - A gauze-like lightweight chiffon that stays in place well and makes a perfect hijab to make a turban or head wrap 

Shop all four new styles in our Chiffon Hijab collection today!

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