LAUNCH: Non-Slip Cotton Bonnets


Modefa's FIRST line of bonnets:

Cotton Non-Slip Bonnets!


We are sooo excited to launch our new bonnets! If you prefer to wear a bonnet under your hijab, then you've likely struggled with getting it to stay in place, constantly pulling it forward throughout the day, so it doesn't expose your hairline. 

Today, we're happy to announce that the STRUGGLE is OVER! Our new and unique hijab bonnets include a soft and comfortable silicone band which helps prevent the bonnet from slipping back. 

Not convinced? Try one yourself today! Use the coupon below to take 20% off the purchase of ONE bonnet. We're sure that once you've tried it, you'll be back for more!

Promo code: non-slip20
Expires: Friday July 13 @ midnight 





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