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Hijabi Summer Style Guide

Modefa Management

Posted on July 01 2017

Summer heat can be tough to bear, especially while dressing modestly! But don't worry, we've got some tips and style suggestions to make this summer a breeze for you . . .


#1: Go Natural

The best fabrics to wear in the summer are natural ones-- they will be the most breathable. Our favorites are cotton and rayon (viscose).


#2: Let Loose

Most hijabis like to wear loose-fitting clothing anyway, but in summer this is especially important. Tight-fitting or clingy clothing can feel suffocating in the summer heat. Go for tunics and dresses that are loose and flowing, that won't stick to your skin.


#3: Keep it Simple

On the hottest days, you will definitely want to skip the layers, and instead keep it simple with as few articles of clothing as possible. Try a long sleeved tunic, and make sure it's not clingy or transparent so you don't have to wear an undershirt. 


#4: Light as a Feather

To keep you cool, choose clothing and hijabs that are light-weight. Even polyester fabrics can feel light and breezy if they are the right weight.


#5: Ditch the Dark Colors

It's a scientific fact: darker colors absorb more light, therefore getting hotter. So if you want to keep your coolest, wear light-colored clothing which will reflect light instead of absorbing it. So there's a reason white is the quintessential summer color!


Need helping putting these tips to practice? Here are some of our best hijabs and tunics to help you beat the summer heat:


Aker Silk Cotton Summer HijabAker Silk Cotton: Lightweight shawls and square hijabs that are 70% Cotton and 30% Silk, these hijabs provide the ultimate relief from the summer heat. 


Aker Ince Summer ShawlsAker Ince Shawls: In Turkish, "Ince" means "thin," and these shawls definitely live up to that name! These are a great affordable summer hijab option. Although they are polyester, they are so thin that they are still breezy.


Tugba Summer TunicTugba Embroidered Tunic H6599: This tunic checks all our boxes for summer tunics: It's lightweight, is made of a viscose and cotton blend, and long and long-sleeved, so you won't need to layer it with anything.    


Tugba Summer Tunic

Tugba Zigzag Tunic: This A-line tunic flares out from the body and isn't clingy. It's also 100% cotton, which makes it a great summer choice! It even comes in four different colors.




Puane Geometric Dress

Puane Geometric Dress: Although its polyester, this dress is so light-weight you won't even notice! Plus, the cute pattern makes it very fun and summery.






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