Ertugrul Fan Gear

Calling all fans of the hit Turkish tv drama ERTUGRUL: Resurrection!

We have a variety of products that are inspired by this popular show. If you're not familiar, this Turkish show with Islamic themes is set in pre-Ottoman times, and details the events just before the establishment of the Ottoman empire. The show's main character, Ertugrul, has three sons. One of those sons, Osman, will become the founder of the Ottoman Empire. 

The show has become very popular here in the United States ever since the first few seasons became available on Netflix. You can also often find current seasons elsewhere online, sometimes with English or Arabic subtitles. 

Our most popular Ertugrul-inspired products we have currently are the men's Bork hats. Plus, we've just released new products including new Banded Bork hats, wrist cuffs and keychains!


Ertugrul Kay Tribe IYI Wrist Cuff Ertugrul Kayi Tribe IYI Keychain  Ertugrul Kayi Tribe IYI Fur Bork Hat





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