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Spring Summer 2014 Silk Hijabs

Modefa Management

Posted on March 28 2014

We now have available the Spring Summer 2014 Silk Hijab Collections for Armine, Aker and Pierre Cardin available for sale!

Check out all the great new silk scarf styles available this spring.

PROMO: For a limited time, Get a FREE Magnet Pin and a FREE Hijab Bonnet with purchase of any Hijab magnet pin Spring Summer 2014 Silk Hijab Scarf. What is a magnet pin you ask? We recently featured some of these 'pins' for sale on our website, and plan to have more for sale again soon. These innovative, handmade magnets feature colorful jewels attached to magnets. Their purpose is to be used in the place of a pin on your hijab: the strong magnet holds your hijab style in place without damaging the scarf! We now have new colors and styles available, and we will surprise you with a matching magnet pin and bonnet with your next purchase of a Spring Summer 2014 Silk Hijab!



Armine Spring Summer 2014 Silk HijabsAker Spring Summer 2014 Silk HijabsPierre Cardin Spring Summer 2014 Silk Hijabs

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