Introducing Modest Clothing


We are happy to introduce a new section of our hijab shop: Modest Islamic Women's Clothing!

The feature of our clothing section is the line of tunics we now carry, from popular Turkish brands Armine, Aker, and Aker Modest Muslim Women TunicPuane. These garments are high-quality, modest pieces that are perfect for Muslim women.


We also now carry Amade Prayer Dress Gift Sets. These include a one-piece dress/ hijab with bonnet, sleeves, and carrying bag. It's perfect to wear over everyday clothes for prayer at home, or to take with you to the masjid. 


And finally, let's not forget our new Body Undershirts. 
These long-sleeve t-shirts are made to layer underneath everyday clothing to provide an extra layer of modesty. We have had the Arancia Lace Body Undershirts for some time now, but we have now added to Arancia Plain Body Undershirts. These are a more casual, simpler version, and are just $11.49!


Thank you to our loyal customers for shopping with us! It is due to your support that we have been able to grow. Inshallah, we will be able to continue to grow and offer more varieties of clothing in the future.


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