Aker Silk Cotton Summer Hijab #5945 452

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Creme / Multicololored

New from Aker: "Yaz serinliği" Scarf

The name translates as "Summer of Coolness"

This is the perfect summer hijab: A thin, lightweight scarf that is a blend of silk and cotton.

The first line of scarves to ever use COOL-EX technology, Aker's new collection is sure to keep you cooler than your other scarves as it allows for excellent breathability. COOL-EX is a special material that includes herbal ingredients, and provides a feeling of coolness when your body is hot or sweaty.

Like other Aker silk scarves, this one is infused with lavendar scent. This scent will generally fade out with washing.

70% Cotton

30% Silk

Square scarf: 90 x 90 cm (36 x 36 in).

Imported from Turkey.


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